Reviews: Part 1/2

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Fiverr Tips
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If you saw my post from earlier today, you saw that I currently have 9 gigs in que and $60 of orders completed already. I also expect the to-do gigs to go up substantially tomorrow morning, probably 3-4 of em.

Unfortunately, not all of you are so lucky/busy, and many may be struggling to get enough orders to keep their gig going. There are, tbh, several different aspects worth an entire post on potential pitfalls for your gig. For this post, and the next one, I’ll keep it to the all consuming question of, how do I get reviews.

Why do you need reviews?

Reviews on Fiver simultaneously equate to all three of these real world attributes.

  1. Currency: If you’ve got reviews you can pull in NEW business by getting the press that flashing that badge of 80%+ reviews.
  2. Good Looks: For gig page skimmers your great review quality and # pop off a page full of either ZERO review gigs or low # ratings.
  3. Charismatic Persona: Do you want to make a gig popular folks looking to buy repeatedly over a period of time? Those gig-buyers aren’t going to consider a 1 review or badly reviewed gig for this honor.  But if you have the reviews to show you should be considered….you might just get the tap for a long term gig. 🙂


So yeah, have great reviews and you can keep your gig weathering pretty much anything. Have problems with them–and it just might not be salvageable. I see you nodding your head, you ‘get’ why reviews are so important. But how does this help those struggling to get reviews?

Coming in my post tomorrow: 3 personally utilized tricks-of-the-trade for getting Fiverr reviews.

Note: If your gig is poorly marketed/whatever these tips will not help you gain buyers, at least not directly. They will however help you achieve a higher review rate and thereby boost your gig’s visibility!

  1. Fiona says:

    Hey, awesome post, my dear fellow Fiverrer.
    Reviews are definitely very helpful. Also, if you ever get a negative review and it was warranted, instead of bashing the person that gave it to you, be respectful and accepting of the criticism, assuming that the buyer was not threatening or degrading you in any way. But other than that, I think you got most of the bases covered.

    I wish you all the best on Fiverr.

    -Fiona Benjamin (MrsPanda)

    • Hey there, Fiona. Thought WordPress had an automatic “Follow me” option, but apparently not! I have since added the widget to the sidebar. Hope this helps 🙂

    • So glad you liked it!

      I’m excited to release part #2 tonight, and share what may be totally new tips for getting those first few important reviews. Your words are spot on; there’s no need to react angrily at a bad reviewer.


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