Fiverr-ing Continues

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Work smarter–not harder.


Life is getting more and more busy at the move date comes…but here we go!

I’ve continued my gig expediting focus(as mentioned in a previous post) as I yet await day 30 on the job so Fiverr will level me up…and I’ve added a new wrinkle.

Rather than wait to do someone’s gig because I’m waiting on their response indicating if they want to purchase another gig copy for expedited service–I’ve now come across a better route. On days when health is bad(like today) I’m simply does the easiest job and saving it in my google-docs account.

This allows me to still charge for expediting as well as getting simpler articles does when I’m simply not up to the more demanding writing.

In a nutshell: Working smarter and working with my limitation.

What are some ways you’ve done this with your FIverr or other online business work?


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